International Technical Support (ITS)
P.O.Box 2112
Riyadh 11451
Phone: 011 4175156
Fax: 011 2386506

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شركة الدعم الفني العالمية (ITS)
POBox 2112 Riyadh 11451
البريد الإلكتروني : هاتف: 9660114555000+
فاكس: 9660112386506+​​

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International Technical Support (ITS) is a Saudi owned organization found and launched in 1997, situated in the edges of Riyadh. The organization runs a completely operated logistics centre at the offset zone of King Khalid International Airport, which has a solid base that helps and supports services capable of delivering engineering, technical and transferring technology moving innovation in kingdom administrative requirements steady with the kingdom’s vision of 2030 to gladly end up as one of the top bolster motors to meet the objectives of the worldwide vision by recruiting, maintaining, and nurturing a skill-full team with sound knowledge and experience of the regions’ industry and customer requirements.

The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and its incorporation for the objectives of the national companies makes it a responsibility and a challenge for international technical support (ITS) a leading company in the development of logistics services, technology transfer, localization of industries and human efficiency.

The company’s expertise in the areas covered by the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 makes it an advanced position to contribute to the development of these areas and to enhance its role in the national economy as its past successes and experience have enhanced its capabilities, especially in its partnerships with international companies to implement projects and services that the company is proud of, which results in the rehabilitation and resettlement of more than 600 jobs. The company’s expertise and capabilities have enhanced the confidence that it is a reliable supplier and a strong partner in the Kingdom for many international companies and a strong source of supply to the needs of many industrial sectors through the provision of a large number of prestigious projects that comply with the best international industrial standards. The company also aims to continue to grow and succeed within the country and to localize the supply chain to support the Kingdom’s economy and develop local content.

Our Values

Local Competency




Localization of Production


Our Vision

We at ITS aim to achieve the vision of the Kingdom which, thanks to God Almighty, was in many of its objectives compatible with the company’s activity to support the national economy by enhancing and motivating the efficiency of the company and benefiting from its capabilities and expertise in the localization of human, executive and industrial competencies to contribute to raising the size and efficiency of local content in the national economy and we believe that that the most ideal approach to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s vision is to support the gross domestic product through manufacturing contracts while maintaining goals to create jobs for the highly skilled local workforce by building a strong and strategic partnership with local and international defense operators.

With each challenge, we dedicate our experiences and our capabilities to find solutions to achieve our country’s vision and developing our working capacities in local production and the localization of the industry.

Our Mission

We strive to be the optimum partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the capabilities and expertise of ITS makes us in an advanced position as one of the leading national companies in the field of manufacturing and supplying spare parts, sourcing and local support, and the localization of many industries including military and it enables us to promote self-sufficiency of the country. In addition to achieving the vision of 2030 and to contribute in the development of our society, technology transfer and supporting the local product.

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